What to do in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

  1. Lapa. Both times that I’ve visited Rio, I’ve made it a point to visit this historic neighborhood. When I partied in Lapa 16 years ago, I remember walking around one night in this lively, lit up neighborhood full of bars and clubs with a big group of my friends. We bought beers and food and sat at tables that had been set up below the Arcos da Lapa aqueduct – and talked about culture and life. It was so bohemian of us.
  2. Escadaria SelarĂ³n. Text.
  3. Ipanema and Copacabana Beaches. Listen, there’s songs about these beaches, ok? So, you need to check it out. But, don’t drown. Shit can be dangerous, those waves are no joke. The men wear speedos and the women wear thongs, so you’ll get to look at butts. If you look foreign (which, I don’t) people will try to sell you things all day while you’re laying there. Swimwear, jewelry, food, drinks. People are literally walking around with little ovens to cook you food if you want it. Don’t take a towel, buy one of those thin, beautifully printed sarongs to lay on, instead.
  4. Visit samba schools
  5. Eat and Drink: Juice bars. Pau Du Queso
  6. Tour guide
  7. Murals