Interviews With Ebony Qualls

Interview with Subkit

Podcast: Traveling as Black Dancers
Ebony and Tiffany, the creators of the Black Bellydance Bundle, have a chat with brilliant dancers Raqs Razi, Lara Adrienne, Donna Mejia, Lotus Niraja and Nefertiti for an inspiring conversation about, and celebration of, their opportunities, learnings and stories of travel as Black artists. .

Podcast: Who Is That Beautiful Black Bellydancer
Ebony and Tiffany, the creators of the Black Bellydance Bundle, sit down with brilliant dancers Danielle Hutton, Lara Adriene, Raqs Razi, Nefertiti and Iona for a lively conversation about, and CELEBRATION of, seeing ourselves, Black dancers, in the spotlight.

Podcast: Is Bellydance Different on Black Bodies?
Ebony and Tiffany, the creators of the Black Bellydance Bundle, get together with incredible dancers Sadira LadyLiquid, Chudney, Nefertiti and Omoladun for a chat about what’s different about being Black in the bellydance world.

Podcast: Yallah Raqs 2021
Combo Creation! From how she creates combos to the differences in creating something for practice vs the stage, Ebony takes us through her process of creating combos and choreographies.

Podcast: A Little Lighter with Alicia Free
This podcast with Ebony Qualls has the power to make you feel even more awesome. Find out Ebony’s current SELF CARE routine, what it was like to work with Thievery Corporation, Peaches and Zoe Jakes and so much more!

Video Interview: Dance Chat with Blair Logan
A chat with the beautiful and talented Ebony Qualls. She tells us a little bit about how she got into fusion dance, who some of her biggest inspirations are, and how she builds a choreography.

Podcast: Yallah Raqs 2020
We chat about Ebonys style of fusion, how she integrates fitness into her classes, giving yourself more grace, being the eternal student, and making the most of your time. Mindfulness jumps into the conversation as well.

Podcast: Being Her by Lisa Zahiya
In this episode Lisa + Ebony discuss:

  • How to create the life you always wanted

  • How to stay organized

  • Daily habits for success

  • …and more

Video Interview: Sharqui Workout
Ebony chats with Jessica and Oreet about her international travels, the origins of her fusion style and much more.

Podcast: Tea Time with Monica
Ebonys mission is to help people express their unique creativity through dance, and she is dedicated to celebrating diversity in age, body type and culture.